What to expect with me as your coach

A good way to understand my approach is through this metaphor :


Imagine we are walking at night in a wood together, you are walking ahead.

Well, as your coach, I am following right behind you with a flashlight and I am shining it ahead of you.


You choose which way to go and I help you by shining the light on the path and actions you choose.


It is a partnership, an alliance.

We focus on the present and the future.

You are naturally resourceful and whole.

You decide the agenda and the way to go. 

There is no judgment, never.

It is not my role to make any decisions for you.


This is why coaching is so incredibly empowering.


Coaching Process

Coaching is not like your day-to-day interaction.


It is a rare opportunity to reflect and have a truly honest and deep yet focussed conversation about the topic you bring to the table.

It's ultimate goal is to deepen your learning and forward your action.


I follow a carefully designed and proven process developed by the Columbia University in the City of New York, which is based on the following steps:


1) Context - exploring what's up:

  • contracting on your goals and needs
  • clarifying your thinking frames
  • collecting and synthetizing data

2) Content - determining what matters:

  • summarizing and interpreting feedback
  • exploring possible options
  • planning with an eye on goals and critical success factors

3) Conduct - defining what's next:

  • action strategies
  • strategic insights
  • execution and relfection-in-action


Ethics and Confidentiality

Ethics are of uttermost importance to me.


I adhere to the International Coach Federation's Code of Ethics as well as to the European Mentoring and Coaching Council's Code of Ethics.


All our interactions will be kept strictly confidential.