Team Communication - Social intelligence

max 20 participants - 6 hours

(Based on the NBItm assessment)


Participants are requested to take the NBI assessment online before the workshop, which takes about 30 min of their time.


The workshop combines theory with self-exploration and different games and role plays to embed the concepts. The goal is for each participants to learn about his/her thinking preferences and to reflect on its impact in a business context.  

The participants will thus acquire specific competences to create powerful presentations, increase sales, improve communication and relationships, and more generally ameliorate performance.

A team and organizational profile can also be created to evaluate the team/organization's strenghts and blind spots.



Coaching skills for managers

max 10 participants - 6 hours or 4 lunchtime breaks

(Designed as a follow-up after the Team Communication - Social Intelligence workshop)


Coaching is a communication medium with ground rules and expectations for conversations. As a specific form of communication, it is now finding its way into business meetings, leadership courses, employee performance reviews, etc.

Leaders who coach have a demonstrated impact on employees' intention to stay with the organization, their overall engagement levels, and their willingness to go the extra mile.

In other words coaching skills have an enormous impact on employees and their performance. They are thus a must-have for leaders.




Unlimited number of participants - 1 to 2 hours


Questions can have a powerful impact, they have the power to open things up and even turn things around.

How can you expect the best answers if you don't first ask the best questions ?

This very short workshop is extremely helpful when breakthroughs are sought in decision-making, problem solving, strategic planning and innovation. 

It can be done with a group or a team or in a goal-oriented conversation with only 1 person.



Team coaching

Up to 10 participants - variable duration


The team receives a laser-coaching on a specific topic they are facing.  

The aim is to avoid "being stuck" as a team, improve collaboration and build momentum to move forward with the team's goals by creating a vision and an action plan.

This workshop is also particularly useful when a new team is being formed to create team spirit and cohesion.